This scene here is actually one of my greatest fears in life.  I used to worry about it a lot as a child.  I remember sitting at the window waiting for my friends to arrive on my birthday, hoping that someone would show up.  It is, of course, an irrational fear as they would always turn up and I have loads of lovely memories of much laughter and fun.

But, today in SL I wanted to so these photos and none of my friends were about (or they were hiding).  So, the tone of the shoot changed and even though this amazing furniture is all about friendship, food, wine and laughter, the photos (hopefully) do not.

This gorgeous table setting is from !! Follow Us !! and is the Christmas Dining Set in White.  Now, I know Christmas is over, but this is a stunning set that would work all year round.  You can even choose what food you want on the plates and clear it away with the press of a button!  No dishes to wash!

My dress is so adorable that I will be wearing it for a few days yet.  It is from K-CODE and is called Daphne.  You will find this at the FROST Fair along with my earrings from ellabella called Enchant, and my teary makeup from //elephante poses// aptly named Tears of Ice.  I am wearing the lavender colour.

My boots (which will also be stomping round SL for ages yet) are from Ducknipple.  They are the Meine Boots and you will get a closeup of these in the next few days.  LOVE them!


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