Bunny, Teddy and Foxy

Today's post contains a bunny, a teddy and a foxy, hence the title.  It is, therefore, jampacked with cuteness.  It is also crammed to the brim with items from the FROST Fair which opens today!! I knowwww!  Feels like we have been waiting for ages!  Still, now you can de-prim and de-script and head on over for some uber shopping!  I know you would love to wear your new angel wings, pixie outfit or reindeer antlers, but fairs are NOT the best place for those.  Be a lag-friendly avi!

Anyhoooo, rant over and on with the delights...

NOT in Fair - Wasabi Pills - Noriko Hair

Teddy Poses:  Purple Poses - My Teddy 
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Brooklyn

Foxy:  [geek.] - The Foxy Bot
Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss - Nique Red

Dress:  {dollle*} - Rabbit Hoodie Dress - Grey

Boots:  (red)Mint - (ePunk) Boots No7 


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