Faith, Hope and Joy


I love the poses I am using today.  They are poses with a message and it is a positive one.  Great words to think about as we head into 2014.  There is only one word I would add to them and that is 'Love'.

The poses are from Juxtapose and are from the Hopeful and Joyful Pose sets.  There is also the Hope and Faith one that is a lovely gift for you.

This gorgeous dress I am wearing is just perfect for winter in SL and I chose pink to add a bit of colour to our white world at the mo.  The dress is from Sassy! and is called Icebreaker.

The boots are great too and are from Pure Perfection.  They are Mesh Cowboy Boots and I am wearing them in Brown.

The very cool facial piercings are from Cute Poison and are called Agelast.  I love the studs under the eye!

All of these items can be found at the FROST fair.  I hope you have all been over to this event because it is definitely a 'must-see' place to go!  Shop til you drop!

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