Ice Ice, Baby!


What does one wear when building an igloo?  I am not sure any of the fashion magazines would have the answer to this.  But, in SL, I do have the answer and the answer is FROST.  Of course one does not wear frost to build an igloo, but one can visit the FROST Fair to find plenty of items that would be perfect ice block carving wear. All of the items (except for the hair which is from Exile) I am showing you today can be found at FROST, but only when it opens...on the 13th!

This particular outfit comes from Envious and is aptly named can wear Frost to build an igloo!  Awesome!  The outfit comes with this fab sweater, jeans, bracelets, holster, and goggles.  

These awesome boots are from happyface.  'Stomp' is the name of these boots and I am wearing the Fog coloured ones.  I will be stomping aplenty in these!

The pose prop is called The Igloo (Well, of course!) and is from Image Essentials.  Great one for your backyard or to do those Christmas Card photos!  

The skin I am wearing today comes to you from Modish and is the Albina Winter in Cream.  Perfect skin for that wintery look.  

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