Let's Skate


I have only ice skated twice in my life and they were on man-made rinks.  I would love to skate on something as pretty as this.  Of course I would slip and fall on the leaves but it is pretty.  You can find this easy to rez pond scene at 3D Trees.  I love it.

My hair is from Ploom and is called Chilly.  You can still get it at a reduced price in the advent sale.

All of the items listed below are at the FROST Fair.  I know I am showing you a lot of items from this event, but I just can't help myself because everything is just so good!

The poses I am using today are from //elephante poses//.  They are from The Ice Dance pack and are in the Gacha.  There are ten to collect and all of them are great!

My warm and sexy dress is from Pixelites Inc.  It is called Off the Shoulder Mini Dress and I am wearing the Blue/Grey colour.  It also comes with legwarmers, but sadly I couldn't wear them and the skates.

Speaking of skates these ones are so cool.  They are from Latreia and are just called Ice Skates.  Easy to remember that!  

And my lippy is from Pink Acid.  It is Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss in Metallic Merlot.  Sexy name!

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