I told Riley he would have to play the artistic, creative type and he said he could definitely play that part.  I am not so sure, but he seemed to scrub up ok, so I went with it.

The cool easel and stool are a sneak peek from !! Follow Us !! and will be in the Jersey Shore Oh My Gacha Event starting on the 1st of January 2014. This is the rare item, but you can also get the easel as a decorative item without the stool in a variety of colours.

This acey pacey outfit is from SLX Outfits and is called Lucas.  It is a new release and comes with the jeans, sweater and sneakers.

The hair is Riley's and is from Uw.St.  It is called Boz.  The glasses are also his and are from 22769.  They are Nerd Glasses Black/Repaired. 


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