I have only made a snowman twice in my life.  Once in Canada and once in Aryaland.  I do not have the joy of snow near where I am.  In fact, right now it is summer and it is stinking hot.  I am resenting this.  I am wishing it was snowy and cold.

Anyway, in SL I can build snowmen to my heart's content.  I can stomp in the snow and enjoy all the fun things about snow without any of the annoying things like cold and slipping etc!

Snowman with Poses:  Flash Friendly Poses - Mr Snowman (FROST Fair)
Hair:  Ploom - Chilly (Advent Special)

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Tracy Sweater Dress (Advent)

Boots:  happyface - Stomp Boots - Fog (FROST Fair)

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