At Night


I am sweltering here in Aryaland at the moment and I have a confession.  I hate it.  I am just not a summer kinda person.  Perhaps if I had a pool I might be, but I am not and I also dislike the beach in summer too.  Beaches in winter are my fav.  Quiet and beautiful.  I just hate baking in the hot, hot sun and getting sand in places that sand does not belong.

Yesterday is was about 33 deg Celsius (91.4F).  I am too scared to look today.  It feels hotter.  Not fun for me.  My friends want to hit me when I start talking about wishing for rain.

So, today I decided to feel cooler in SL and not only am I in the snow, but I am in the snow at night.  Just looking at it made me feel a degree cooler!

Jacket:  Ducknipple - Kitta Jacket (New Release)
Pants: 20.FIVE - Abby Capris (Yes, I know I have shown them before, but today you get to see them as a capri!)
Shoes:  Ducknipple - Mary Wedges (New Release)
Hair and Hat:  Exile - Falling for You (Arya's Inventory)

And, all the poses I am using today are from Eternal Dream Poses and are at The Kollective.  I want to use this forum to challenge other bloggers to make sure you give the pose makers credit on your blogs.  I was chatting to a designer the other day and she pointed out to me that often bloggers don't mention who made the poses they use each day.  We give credit to what we are wearing, but not to the hard-working people who spend ages making the poses that we NEED to make our posts look great.

So, to all the pose makers out there I would like to personally apologise for taking you guys for granted.  We couldn't do our jobs without you and I promise to make sure I give credit where credit is due from now on!  HUGS!

Oh, and thanks to Strawberry Singh for bringing this sim to my attention on her blog.  It is called WatchTower and I love it.

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