Freebs for Males


I have created a monster.  First I have Riley stalking me and now I have Tyson IMing and telling me he has more freebie items to show the guys.  What do they think this is?  A blog for boys?  Ok, it is called Her & Him so perhaps they have a point.

Today Tyson has managed to get a new shape, skin, sweater, and jeans.  The shoes are the same ones he had the other day, but because they are free and I didn't do photos of them close-up I will let him off...this time.

This awesome sim is called Isle of Serendipity.  Go visit!

Shape and Skin:  Mr Bloch - Matty Avatar (Group Gift - 0L to join)
Jeans:  [coepio] - Mr.One Grey (Group Gift - 0L to join)

Sweater:  [ASHBURY] - Flynn Striped Crew Neck (Grand Opening Gift)

Sneakers:  Balkanik 2.0 - Vintage Sneaker - Camo (Group Gift - 0L to join)

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