Hello?  Are you there?  Oh, hi!  I have been shopping and you will love what I found today.  Make sure you wander over to this lovely sim called Jasmine's Hollow and the Dirty Grind.

Check out my hair from Tameless.  The style is Giana and has the buzz look on one side and the cute bob curl on the other.

And you will love this Callia dress from Phwoar Couture which will be at the Hipster Fair.  Soft sweater looking material with a webbed belt.  Cute as!

The bag is the Pandora Duffle from ISON.  This is from my inventory and I love it.

The poses are from aDORKable.  They are from a set called Call Me.  The store is no longer about but you can pick these up on MP.

And these boots are new from 20.FIVE.  They are the Rose Heels and have the great rose detailing on the ankle.  Great styled boot.

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