I am a cat lady in RL and SL.  I love them.  I would have 20 if I could, but my husband is not so keen.  We have in one in RL and I have 2 in SL.  I managed to grab one of them today.  Her name is Winter, which is kinda apt.  I have another called Summer, but I will show her off in a more appropriate season.

I made Winter sit outside today while I show off this Pussy Jumper from Somnia.  It comes in lots of colours and is perfect for those of you who love felines even though they are snobby and possibly trying to take over the world.

My pants are from 20.FIVE and are Abby Capris.  I love the belt that comes with and they are perfect for showing off your winter boots.

Speaking of...

My boots are from (red) Mint.  I have blogged them before, but I wanted to show you that you can wear the version with no socks.  This style is called No.1.  They were at the Frost Fair, but since it is finished now, you can probably find them at their mainstore.

My hair is a new release from MINA Hair.  I found it while having a look at the new round at The Dressing Room Fusion.  Very cool and a fab price!

And, of course, Winter is from KittyCatS.  It is a catlady's paradise.  The chair Winter is modelling on (scene stealer) is from [*Art Dummy!].  It is the Wintertide Chair.  I got the set of them in a hunt, but I know they are now at the store for sale.

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