When I went to Black Basalt Beach with Ty the other day I knew I would be back and today lent itself to some snaps by the lighthouse.  Perfect place to play with windlight settings and have some fun.

I was a bit gutted when I took all the photos then realised I had left a pale cleavage layer on and had to re-take them all, but thems are the breaks.  Stuff happens.

My ensemble today is a great example of me being a bit slow on the uptake.  The jacket is from the Ricielli hunt and was 15L.  The hunt has been going a while and I have been meaning to get over there.  Wasn't until a saw this jacket on another blog that I finally decided to race on over.  This is the Jeans Coat and is item #5.

The top and shorts are from [SAKIDE].  The top is actually a bodysuit (Casual Bodysuit), but is great for under jackets/sweaters etc too.  The Insouciant Shorts are mesh and come with a hud to change the lace, button, leather and zip colours.  You will find both of these items at Project Limited.

My boots are from (red)Mint and I got them at the recent FROST Fair.  You will find these Punk Boots at their store now.

My hair is a new release from Tameless.  It is called Yana, and I have blogged it before, but I have never shown you the back, so here it is!

The camera with poses is from {what next}  They come in two sets: Prop-Shot Camera and Pop-Shot Pro. Great poses.

The necklace and earrings are new items at the Fashion Collective from FINESMITH.  I am wearing the Natali Set in Copper.  It also comes with a bracelet.  Cool set!

And, lastly, my skin is the latest Group Gift from Panda Punx.  It is called Brooklyn and is the Shimmer tone.  I am just loving these skins.  Sweet and sexy.

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