Snow Much Fun

Yeah, sorry about the bad pun in the title.  I am tired...from all the fun I had in the snow!  Muuahhhaa!

I would have invited people to play with me, but then I would have had to share and where is the fun in that?  I am kidding of course.  I am on my own cos I have no friends.  Hehehe.


This fab Blustery Winter Scene pose/play area is at the current round of The Kollective and is brought to you from Shadow Moon.

My acey-pacey brill outfit is also from Shadow Moon and is called the Blustery Winter Stripes Outfit which includes the boots too.  You will find this at The Kollective too, along with a male outfit that I will make Ty or Riley wear another day (not that they will need convincing since they are so metro).

My jewellery is from GDit Jewelry and is the Blustery Cold Winter Set (am I sensing a theme here...?). It comes with earrings and this lovely necklace.  Again...The Kollective!

And lastly my shape which, shock me, is also at The Kollective, is from Style-ish Shapes and is called Angie.  I am loving it!

The Kollective starts on the 29th Jan so promise me you won't go over til then!


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