Story Time

Once upon a time there was a girl named Arya and she lived in a magical fantasy world called Second Life where all the clothing fits, you never need to go on a diet and you can own all the cats you want...

You can also pick up fabulous pose props like this one from W.Winx at My Attic at The Deck. This one is called Fairy Tales.  Such fun!

This weekend you can also go and grab some clothing and furniture bargains at Immerse.  They are having a Spot Sale and there is 50% off a variety of fashion and house items.  When you land at the TP point grab the notecard out of the sandwich boards there and you will get all the details on what items are in the sale.  This Lucie Dress in Teal is one of the items, however and is lovely.  The sale goes all weekend, so race on over.

My jewellery is the full set from FINESMITH called Natali and I am wearing the Silver set.  You will find these at The Fashion Collective.   "The Fashion Collective," the event is not an bazaar, more rather a union of designers in a unique environment to expose unique items and great quality with affordable prices." Enjoy!


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