I am having a lazy day today.  I just felt like wandering about in SL having a look about.  I found some venues for future photo shoots, but none that went with what I wanted to show you today, so I went to one of my favourite places in SL:  Hazardous.  This sim is just a great place to wander and take photos by yourself or with a friend/significant other.

While wandering the sim I found this cool tyre swing and 'Voila!' photos ensued.

This great casual outfit is from SLX outfit Shop.  It is called Special K and comes with the vest and tank, jeans and sneakers.  It also comes with a necklace and bracelets, but I am not wearing them.

Instead I am wearing this set from Stars! called Cassandra in the Spinel colour.  It has earrings, bracelets and a necklace.  Nice set for wearing any day in SL.

This fab new hair is from Tameless.  It is called Gia and comes in Fantasy or Naturals.  I am wearing the Naturals one in Platinum.  

And my shape and skin are the same as yesterday:  Panda Punx, Anneliese (Stuff in Stock).  Cute as a button!

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