Tie on Ty


Ty is still on his freebie hunt and today he has a few more to show you.  He also has a statement he would like to make:

"Hi.  I hope you are enjoying my take on men's freebies.  I am enjoying scouring the globe for them.  I would like to say something that I am sure you all know:  There is a serious lack of men's items in SL.  I know there are men here.  I see them in the same stores I go to, looking about, feeling second class and neglected.  I go to events and, apart from The Mens Dept, there is just not a lot for us boys.

And, while I am on my soapbox, I would also like to say that not all of us have wide shoulders and skinny waists and hips.  I am not an Olympic swimmer.  My usual shape is generally thin and fairly average, very much like the one I am wearing today.  I say this just to let you designers know.  *Wink*"

Hmmm, I might have to let him write more often...

Hair:  Dura - 3rd Year Anniversary Hair - Dark Brown (GG - free to join)
Shirt and Tie:  [coepio] Mr. Handsome - White (GG - free to join)
Jeans:  [coepio] Mr. One - Grey (GG)
Shoes:  Jeeper's Shoes for Men - Orwell (Menstuff - free to join)
Poses:  c9 - Gift (0L)

Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Bang! (GG - free to join)
Shape:  Mr Bloch - Matty (GG - free to join)
Shape:  (red)Sand - The Nurd (Menstuff - free to join)

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