Trophy Wife


Today is all about items from The Kollective.  It is about great furniture, a gown and jewellery.  This, of course, somehow led to cleaning in a gown.  Not sure how this happened, but there you are.

The lovely living room suite including the couch, chairs, table, and flowers are from Fi's Creations.  The set is called Kathlen and you can even colour customise it to suit your decor.

The lunchbox is from Serenity Style and is one of the Sweet Gatcha prizes.  There are some great colours for you to collect.

These fabulous Rekka drawers are also from Serenity Style.  The one you can see here is the Postcard version.  The other set pictured in the photo above is called Book.  They come as a great pair.

My gorgeous dress is from Phwoar Couture and is called Zoey.  You will LOVE the textures on this dress.  I had problems choosing which one to show you!

And this lovely jewellery is from Designs by Sebastian.  The set is called Cherry Blossom and comes with earrings, a necklace, and two bracelets.  Gorgeous.

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