Where's Tyson?


I have entitled today's post 'Where's Tyson?' because I was doing the photos of him and because he was wearing camo clothing, I kept teasing him and telling him to wave because I couldn't see him.  He sighed a lot.

Anyway, today he has a new shape, skin, clothes, boots and hair all for nothing.  I am impressed with his shopping know-how and he seems excited by his bargains, which makes me proud.

Shorts and Boots:  ::ReeXeeR:: - Make Love Not War (Menstuff Group Gift)
Jacket:  [coepio] - Mr Cold - Green Camouflage (Group Gift)
Shape: [Feel My Body] - Gustavo (No Cabide - Group Gift)
Skin:  NIVARO - Adam Skin (Jan Group Gift)
Hair:  Dura - The 3rd Year Anniversary Hair (Group Gift)
Sim:  Black Basalt Beach (Go visit!)

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