I had some poses to show you and I had to borrow Tyson to make them work.  It got a bit awkward at points but we were very professional about it.  Hahaha! I lie.  We snickered and giggled and made snide comments through the whole thing.  The funniest thing was the height difference.  My avi is super short.  I had to use a different shape for these photos just to make us look semi-normal.  Even then I took the photos up high so that you couldn't see that I was floating about 2 feet off the ground.  Funny!

The poses are great, however, and are from Image Essentials for The Thrift Shop 4.0.  I have named the pose on the photos to make it easier for you to find them when you go to grab them!

Jacket - *Citrus* - Men's Denim Hoodie - Night (TTS)
Jeans:  *Citrus* -  Men's Jeans - Blue (TTS)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Black Leather Slip Ons (TTS)

Skin:  Modish - Pixie - Dune (With Love Fair)
Shirt:  LIKE - Nicky Pink Plaid Shirt (TTS)
Jeans:  LIKE - Lala Cuffed Jeans - Pink (TTS)
Bag:  Perch - Shoulder Bag - Pink (TTS)
Headband:  [R3volt] - Heart Headband - Black (Gacha at WLF)
Jewellery:  Plastik - Krysis Choker and Bracelet -  Maiya - Rose and Plum (TTS)
Shoes:  Perch - Ashley Flats - Pink Dotty (TTS)

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