Dock of the Bay

Ty is not exactly 'sittin' by the dock of the bay' but he is close enough so we will go with that.  I do know that he is WAY better than me at finding cool places to do photos so I am happy to follow him about.

The sim is called Caprice.

His jacket/shirt/tie are the Men's Leather Dancer Jacket from *Citrus* and are the hunt item in the Jack or Jill Hunt. I am liking the pulled up collar and details of this jacket right down to the form on the skinny tie.  Way cool.

His jeans and glasses are from J&A Rock Culture and are part of the Exclusive Man set.  I am assured he will show the jacket from this set another day.  You will find all of these at The Thrift Shop 4.0.

His hair is a unisex style and is also at The Thrift Shop.  It is from adoness and is called Philippis.  I will be trying this style on my avi soon too.


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