I Heart


I heart a lot of things actually.  I love my family and my cat.  I also love my friends, both RL and SL, and I love to show you great stuff.

Today I am piling a few items that, at first glance, don't really go together, but actually they work.  This is because I really wanted you to see them and I don't have time for 3 separate posts.

Tyson has some items for you too and he is nagging me, so when I have got this done I will sort him and you can have a guy post later or tomorrow.  Promise.

Outfit:  Coquet - Leather Jumper - Lipstick (The Theme Park)
Hair:  Truth - Ainsley
Skin:  MIA14 - Ember - Healthy Glow (The Theme Park)

Clock and Flower Jugs:  Atelier Visconti - Time to Love (Timeless Romance Gacha @ L'Accessories)
Chair:  Trompe Loeil - Nova Chair - Mercury (Collabor88)
Shoes:  {{BSD Design Studio}} - Stay Cool (My inventory)

Jewellery:  ZURI Rayna Jewelry - Forever Ruby/Chocolate/Gold Collection (New Release)
Lipstick:  MIA14 - Lips for Ember - Red Vavoom (The Theme Park)

House:  Trompe Loeil - Enakai Wavebreaker (Collabor88) 

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