Indigo and Gold


I am ignoring Valentine's Day today.  It was not a day I was looking forward to for a variety of reasons.  So, we will just move on...

This gorgeous gown and overcoat is from Senzafine.  It is called the 'Solveig' Gown Set and it is stunning.  I am wearing the Indigo colour, but the other colours are just as amazing.  This gown is at We Love Role-Play

The jewellery is also lovely.  It is from Zuri Rayna Jewellery and is the Embrace Collection in Lavender and Gold.  Perfect match for this gown.

The skin, lipstick and eyeliner I am wearing is from MIA14 (formerly MiaSnow).  The skin is called Ember and I am wearing the Pale version.  The lips are Mocha and the eyeliner is Lashes for Ember with Cateye Liner. You will find these at the new round of The Theme Park which opens soon.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Monique.  Poses are from !bang.

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