Blogging in SL comes in waves.  Sometimes you have a few things to blog and you just cruise along blogging the pieces you have and skipping about singing "la, la, la".  Then suddenly you are swamped in a load of items from events and you run around madly waving your arms in a panicked frenzy.

I am doing the latter at the moment.  I am blogging two AMAZING events and I just don't even know where to start.  This is a good thing as it means that there are loads of great items for you to go and grab!

The Thrift Shop 4.0 and the With Love Fair have both started and you have to go to both!  You really do.  I will be showing you more from both over the next few days.  Fun, fun, fun.

Top:  *Citrus* - Heather Made Me Do It Top - Plum (TTS)
Skirt and Leggings:  *Citrus* - Skirt n Leggings - Storm (TTS)
Poses:  Poseology - Lucille (TTS)

Necklace:  Phoebe - Dragon Heart Necklace (TTS)
Glasses:  SNAP - Jelly Bean Impact Glasses - Black (TTS)

Hair:  adoness - Andromeda - Pitch Black/Amethyst (TTS)
Lips:  Pink Acid - Dolly Dolly WL Heart Lips - Fuchsia (WLF) 
Ears:  SNAP - High Elf Ears (TTS)
Skin:  AKERUKA - Valentina Skin - Natural (WLF)

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