Nice to go casual and head out to listen to some music.  Also nice to spread some love.  I am wearing two items today that were given with love to us bloggers.  I wanted to use this forum to say a BIG thank you to all the designers out there who donated items to the I Give a Heart event.  You are all amazing and we appreciate what you do.  Our blogs would be dull without the hours you put in.

Can I also use this forum to tell you a few facts about blogging?  Maybe it will give you food for thought before you start up your own blog.  I have talked about this before, but perhaps I have some new readers...who knows?!

I have been blogging since Nov 2009.  I started blogging to show people that SL can be affordable for anyone.  I got sick of people begging for Lindens in stores because "It costs heaps to look stylish in SL".  I rejected this premise as I have not spent one cent of my own money.  I don't buy Lindens.  I earn them.  I have worked a whole variety of jobs in SL to enjoy my shopping habit, but it also meant that I became clever at finding bargains and freebies, and led to my hunting addiction.

To this day I still work to pay my rent and shop (I have a well-known hair collection).  I write for two magazines and manage a store for a friend.  I also organise bloggers for events as well as write my own blog as often as possible.  I am aiming for at least 6 days a week this year.

Do not get me wrong, I do receive free items to blog.  I blog events and for stores and am in groups where bloggers are given items to blog.  But, I also buy plenty of items from other events and stores that I pay for from my own pocket so that you, the reader, can see where to get bargains and items of awesomeness.

I do not make money from blogging items or getting sponsorship.  I want to have the freedom to blog what I want to blog and in the way I want to do it.  This means I work hard and juggle roles in SL to keep myself and this blog afloat. 

Please do not think this as a pity party.  That is not my intention.  It is just to let you know that if you decide to be a blogger then you need to have the right intentions.  If your intent is to get free stuff with minimal effort then you are in for a rude shock.  The bloggers I know work so hard at their craft.  They are always trying to improve their writing and their photography skills and they spend hours hunting out items, events and destinations for their posts.  I spend heaps or time each week on just this and making sure my blog is fresh and fun. 

I want to thank you for reading this blog.  I hope that you read my rant today.  If you are thinking about blogging make sure you look into what it takes.  It is not an easy road, but you meet the best people while doing it.

Also read this article from Sasy Scarborough Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr and see which one you want to be.

Hair/Hat:  Hype - Axel (from my inventory - Closed Store)
Tee:  Sky - Mesh Scribble Tee (I Give a Heart)
Tattoo:  C.H.P. - Infinity Tatto (I Give a Heart - Custom Work)
Shorts:  Ducknipple - Euro Shorts (New Release)
Sneakers:  ForbiddenBerry- High Top Sneakers (from my inventory)
Pose 1:  [socialANGtz] - Headphones Poses (from my inventory)
Pose 2:  Sari-Sari - RocknRoll 4 (from my inventory)
Pose 3:  Image Essentials - 1 Billion Pose (from my inventory)

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