The Men Only Gacha 2 is open and there is a myriad of items for the men in SL or for those wanting some great unisex stuff.  Great clothing, skins, shapes, poses, hats, boots and loads of other accessories for the boys.  More of this is needed.  I often feel the SL males are sadly neglected.  All the gachas are under 100L so it is a great opportunity to pimp your avi.

Tyson went shopping at the MOG2 and got this great Stravos skin and shape from Mr Bloch.  He grabbed another and got the same one so if anyone wants to do swaps, give him a yell inworld.

His sweater/tee are from Etham and are called the Engstrom Sweater.  You will find this in the Jack or Jill Hunt which has started now.

His stylish For Him Tartan Pants are also in the JoJ Hunt and are from Kaithleen's.  They matched perfectly with these  Wing Tip Low Cut shoes from Gabriel which he got in-store as a group gift.

The poses are in the JoJ Hunt too and are from //elephante poses//.  They are from a set called Lie To Me.  Cool name.

And this cool sim is called Caprice II.  Great place to take photos so make sure you take a looksee.

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