"Hi All,

Arya is running around madly with so many events starting so I offered to blurb my own styles today.  One of these days I will set up an email account so I can blog myself but, in the words of Aragorn, "Not this day!".  I have procrastination issues.

Today, I are mostly wearing (hope you Brits get that reference) clothing and accessories from the Jack or Jill Hunt.  Or, to be more precise, the Jack path of the hunt. If they are not marked with anything else then just figure they are JoJ.

Shirt:  Warehouse 68 - Tyler Shirt
Jeans:  360 - Renegade Denim Jeans (GG)
Shoes:  Duh! - Tow-Toned Hiking Boots
Piercings:  HollyWeird - Unisex Mesh Plugs
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Jenius
Necklace:  Bangles and Baubles - Mesh Men's Necklace - Rings
Hat:  TartCake - Slouchy Beanie - Grey (Men Only Gacha 2)
Destination - Easy A

And, guys, if you hear of any places with great items going cheap or free or group gifts or whatever, and you think others would want to hear about it, drop me a line in SL (Tyson Wardell)."

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