Woman in Red


I love that I can go from wearing hot pants and a cut-off tee one day and then the next throw on a dress and look at 40's glam.  It is the joy of SL.  I wish we could do this in RL.  Would be so much fun.  No one would know what to expect from you each day.  Perhaps one day I will have the courage to do just that!

This lovely dress is new from Pure.  It is the Valentina Wrap Dress - Roses.  I know it has Valentine in the title, but this is definitely not a once a year type dress, and it comes in other fab colours too.

My Pola clutch is from Finesmith and is the perfect accessory to give your outfit a lift.  The clutch comes in loads of great colours and is new in-store.

And get used to seeing these shoes because I will be showing them off over the next wee while.  They are from SeVered GarDeN and are called Patty.  They come with a hud so you can change the shoe texture and even wear them with socks.  Keep an eye out for these in future posts!

Hair:  D!va - Norma (from inventory)
Poses:  Magnifique Poses - Handbag (from inventory)

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