I mention the words 'beer' and 'bourbon' to Tyson today and he came running.  Funny that.  Still he just had to sit there so it was pretty simple.

These two items are from The Challenge and are both drinking related so I thought they could go together in one post.

The first is the Beergarden from 22769 - [bauwerk].  It is so easy to lay out and looks fab straight away.  I love the little details like the Paco Cola fridges etc.  Make sure you go take a looksee.

This great set is from %Percent and is the Bourbon Table Set.  Again, you need to look at the awesome detailing.  "The stools are made from bourbon barrel staves (the slats making up the sides of barrels.) The seat is made from a barrel lid. The table top is from dozens of staves laid side by side, glued together, and sanded down."  I also love the names of the drinks.  Lots of fun.

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