I Like To...


I like to ride my bicycle...oh, and I like to wander.  If you want to do both of these things then do I have the place for you.  This brand spanking new sim is a stunner.  It is full of little nooks and crannies with little surprises and places to relax or play. Check out It Starts With a Smile!

I decided to take my new bike to check out the trails and I will confess I almost ran someone down.  I did stop and apologise, but here is another one officially, Quan!

The bike is part of the Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair that starts on the 12th of March.  It is a rare item from {XO Visions} and is the Diamond/White Bike.  It rides like a dream!  I am not sure about the brakes though!  Hehe.

My dress is also in the LOTI Gatcha Fair and is sooo cute.  It is from Sky and is the Polka Dot "Riley" Dress.  It comes in loads of colours and all of them are gorgeous.

The Fashion Krush Lucky Headband in Red and the Random.Matter Arabella Collar are also Gatcha Fair items.  The headband comes with a resizer and has a cute clover on the side.  

My shoes are not in the fair and are from SeVered GarDeN.

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