And this is Part 2 and is, as the name suggests, the inside of the house I blogged last week before the puter meltdown.  It is a whole heap of different items that I have finally managed to pull together for this post!  Yay!  I hope you take the time to go have a look because I know I don't do them justice!

[CIRCA] - WillowLand Lounge Set (HomeStuff Hunt) and WillowLand Lounge Tray Set (Group Gift - 250L to join)

!!  Follow Us !! - Meal Box - Strawberry Cupcake (New Release)

!! Follow Us !! - White Console with Mirror (Updated Item), Home Sweet Home Rack with Keys (Recent Release), Tenderness Moment (HomeStuff Hunt)

[CIRCA] - Enchanted Meadow - Fae Vanity Table and Seat, Enchanted Glass Globe - Skye(Recent Release), Classic Vanity Makeup Organizer and Mirror - Blossom (New Release), 

!! Follow Us !! - Beauty Box - Pink (Updated Item), Sweet Day Beauty Box (The Feeling)

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