Cleaning Up


I have a variety of items from different designers and events for you to enjoy today.  I had loads of fun setting this up.  I was going to have a nice house and be a lovely housewife and then I thought it would be way more fun to set up a scene where we have a house that is really not worth cleaning.

In this case the shack is from the MadPea Lost Mine Hunt.  It is a gift from Never Totally Dead and comes with the water tower too.  Loads of fun.

The other house items are from {what next} and I found them in my folder and feel bad that I haven't blogged them earlier.  They include the ladder, all the cleaning items and the clothes line.

The ladder comes with poses so you can wash the windows, have a break and be lazy.  I didn't see any point in washing the windows in this house.

The Bramley Rocking Chair is also from {what next} and is a recent release.  It comes with a pillowed and non-pillowed version and, of course, the cushion comes with a texture change option.

My outfit today is a mixture too.  My hair is a new release from Truth called Betsy and the outside of the rollers is colour-changeable.

The top and pants are from PiCHi at The 100 Block.  The top is called Plissee and I am wearing the apple green colour.  The pants are called Jolina and I am wearing the white pair.

The gorgeous jewellery is from {me.} at the Monochromatic Fair.  I am wearing the MyHeart Earrings and Necklace in silver and green.  LOVELY!

I have blogged this [ZENTRO] Butterfly Tattoo (The 100 Block) before but I thought since I was showing my tummy that you could see it better!

And the shoes are from [SAKIDE].  They are from an outfit called Bianca from The Monochromatic Fair. I blogged the blue version of this outfit the other day (HERE).

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