Dragon Queen


An interesting fact about me is that my current avi was not my first.  My first ever avi in SL was named Daenerys.  I hope you are seeing the theme here.  I had just read the George R.R. Martin books and my two favourite characters, at the time, were Daenerys and Arya.

I also have another confession:  I have not watched the TV series.  This is not because of the whole 'books are always better than movies/tv etc', but more to do with the fact that:

  • I like the characters from my imagination better
  • It is on a TV channel that costs to subscribe to
  • I am far too busy on SL!
However, when I saw these dragons from 22769 I just had to do the photos and remember my first avi who I killed off in a very George R.R. Martin way although with less blood.

Please excuse the amount of photos but I wanted you to see a few of the different dragons.

Dragons:  22769 - Shoulder Dragons - Black (Games of Thrones Gatcha)
Necklace:  22769 - Dragon Egg Necklace - Iron (GoT Gatcha)
Dress:  Senzafine - Thetis - Mithril (Recent Release)
Poses:  {NanTra} - Purple Rain (The Monochromatic Fair)

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Monique - Rye (From my inventory)

Bracelets:  Finesmith Jewelry - Athena Bracelet

Feet Chains:  Twizted & Reckless - Sugarush Foot Chain (The 100 Block - for use with Slink mid or high feet)

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