Glam Grunge


One thing I love about SL is the fact that I am constrained by the rules of fashion here.  I can do what I darn well like, and one of those things is to mix a bit of glam with my fav grungey looks.  In your face fashion police!

Few more items from The 100 Block for you!  Yes, I know I did one of the tees the other day, but they are so cool and this is the rock one!  Works with the pants.

Jewellery:  Moondance Boutique - Charlotte (New Release)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Hanako (The Season's Story)

Tee:  [MODA] - Music Mania Tee (The 100 Block)
Pants:  Legal Insanity - Courtney Cargo Pants UK Brown (The 100 Block)

Tattoo:  ZENTRO - Smile Now Cry Later (The 100 Block)
Skin: Panda Punx - Gabriella - Show Me (Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)
Sneakers:  deeR - Mesh Squad Shoes (from my inventory)

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