In the Rain


I like walking in the rain and Arya does not so I am hijacking this post and doing it myself...

Ok, the true reason is that she is busy and I had nothing to do.

I have some more bits from The 100 Block and I am pleased there is actually some men's stuff to show.  Can I encourage more of you designers to get on the menswear train?  I hope so.  If you don't I will get bored and annoy Arya and then she can't blog.  Do you want that on your conscience?  Ha!

Sweater:  AITUI - Starstruck - Blue + Black
Shape:  {HoStyle Shapes} - Noah Shape

Piercings:  Hebenon Vial - Smug
Beanie:  Kal Rau - Mesh Beanie (Not in 100 Block)

Jeans:  American Bazaar - Baggy Jeans - Blue
Shoes:  HOC Industries - Hocs Lowtops - Classic Colours (Not in 100 Block)

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