In the West

This round of The Challenge is all about the Wild, Wild West.  Giddiup, little doggies and let's take a tour through some of the items you can round-up and lasso for your home.


Store, Barrels, Sacks, and Water Trough:  [hate this] - Western Store and Western Deco Pack
Cart:  Cleo Design - Western Wagon

Wagon:  Cleo Design - Western Wagon 2
Coffins:  [hate this] - from Western Deco Pack

Cactus and Trough:  [hate this] - Cactus and Trough from Western Deco Pack
Bench:  Sway's - [Tuari] Bench - Sunset

Saloon Items:  ::UR:: Home - Saloon Set

Cups:  Kuro - Wild Mugs
Ladder, Shelves and Counter:  [hate this] - Western Store Items

Outfit:  Senzafine - Molly Burlesque Ensemble 


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