My Axe


Ok, so I was using this cool pose prop from Focus Poses and I felt all rocker.  However, when I did the title I had visions of Gimli form Lord of the Rings saying, "And my axe!"  I am a geek at heart, I confess.

This stage, LCD screen, Guitar Pedal and Guitar Amp are all in this Guitar Pose Pack and are available at the Pose Fair 2014.  It has 14 poses to get you rocking and has different options on the LCD screen.

All the items of my outfit are from Ducknipple.  I am wearing the Muis Jacket, Scotty Pants and Darcy Booties.  They each come with a HUD so you can change the colour to suit your mood.  NICE!

My hair is from the Gloster Hair from Tableau Vivant, skin is from Rowan from Panda Punx (for Fantasy Faire), and my lipstick and nails are from Senzafine (Genre)

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