Out For a Walk

I had nothing much to do today and since I know I am gearing up for a few upcoming events and and that my life will get crazy again, I decided to go for a wander.  I saw this sim on a blog and, although I have been here before, I saw that it had been revamped, so I decided to go and take a look.

The sim is called Dawn of Radiance and is definitely worth going for a visit as it has some great areas for photos or just exploring.

My outfit today is available from The Kollective and is called the Spring Mesh Hoodie Outfit.  It is a hoodie, jeans and a tee all in one.  SIMPLE!  You will find it at the Shadow Moon stall and there is a guys version too.

My glasses, sneakers, hair, braces and bag are all from the depths of my inventory but worked with this look today.  The glasses are the Zimmer Specs from [Umeboshi], Sky Sneakers are from *Tea Time*, hair is Megumi from Wasabi Pills, braces are from Tuli, and the bag is Flower from Gawk!

All my poses today are from SeVered Pose.  I used different ones from Set 1 and 2.  I like their poses cos they are cute!


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