Pinot Noir


I live in a wine growing region in RL.  I have lots of favs, but I do love a good red.  I am partial to a lovely pinot noir and a fruity merlot, but won't turn down a white wine either and enjoyed a drop or two of pinot gris and arneis over our summer.

So, when I saw these fabulous vines from Botanical I knew I could create a little taste of home in my backyard and live out a wee dream of mine of having my own vineyard (not that I know anything about growing or processing grapes for wine, but why let that stop me?).

This Touch-To-Change Vineyard set is available at The Garden and, as with all T2C items, you can use the hud to change your vines depending on the season which means 4 seasons with 1 item.  Easy!

The cart is also from Botanical and comes with great poses so you can relax and watch other people pick the grapes!

Crates:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Garden* Crates B (from my inventory)

Jacket:  K-Code - Scarlet 1 (New Release)
Jeans:  K-Code - Sarah 5 (New Release)
Lipstick:  Senzafine - Moonglow Lip Color - Vintage Reds - Cherry (Genre)
Boots:  Fir & MNA - Wellies (from my inventory)
Hair:  Truth - Sadie (from my inventory)
Tank:  Jane - Intrinsic Tank - Khaki (from my inventory - closed store)

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