Using Space


I have had this fab Studio Apartment skybox from {what next} at The Garden sitting in a folder ready to blog and today I grabbed it out and looked at it and wondered what I could put with it.  Then I looked through some other folders of things that needed blogging and they all seemed to go together.  Brilliant!

I was going to set up the whole skybox, but then I realised I could just show you how much you can fit in one room without looking like a scary hoarder.  So, all these photos are taken in the main room area of the skybox.

Tip:  Don't over clutter your room!

Kitchen:  !! Follow Us !! - Cottage Kitchen (Home Show)
Cake:  {what next} - Easter Cake - Chocolate Frosting (VIP Gift)

 Fridge:  !! Follow Us !! - From Cottage Kitchen Set (Homeshow)
Jars:  !! Follow Us !! - Easter Jars - Vintage and Chocolate (New Release)
Stool:  shutter.field - Tea Cup Stool - Dirty (New Release)
 Bench:  {what next} - Bramley Bench (New Release)
Lamp:  Kuro - Crystal Lamp - Blue (New Release)
Cat and Plant:  StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Siamese Q and Weathered Teapot Planter - Petunias - Blue (New Releases)
Chairs:  JoHaDeZ - Heavenly Armchairs A + B (Home Show)
Plant:  StoraxTree - Vintage Plant Stand Palm Big (New Release)
 Fireplace, Wall Art, Candles and Tree:  JoHaDeZ - Fireplace "Dream", Candle Tray "Heavenly, Wallart Set "Typo", and Planter with Tree "Vibrations" (Home Show)
Bowl, Sign:  22769 [bauwerk] - Big Clay Pot and Wasted Time (from Industrial Living Set at Men's Dept)
 Teddy Bear and Bowl, Ottaman:  22769 [bauwerk] - Teddy Bear, Bowl with Apples, and Industrial Ottoman (from Industrial Living Set at Men's Dept)
Cage, Sewing Machine and Board:  !! Follow Us !! - Easter Birdcage V2, Mon Petit Atelier (New Releases)

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