I have some more goodies from the Fantasy Faire 2014 and you will love them whether you are into fantasy items or not.  They are just gorgeous.  I feel very regal today and slightly GoT.

This stunning gown is from Senzafine and is called the "Aes Sidhe" Gown - Hope.  It is also the RFL item so when you go and buy this a 100% of your purchase goes to RLF.  Shopping with a conscience.

My eye makeup is also from Senzafine and is "Sirene" in Blue/Green.  Very pretty!

My flying companion today is called the Flying Shoulder Pet from Dwarfins.  I am wearing the light one with the female rider, and I feel like I have a protector on my shoulder!

This lovely skin is from Panda Punx and is called Rowan.  I am wearing the Fantasy Light Blonde Skin.  You will find this at She & Him.

This beautiful jewellery is the Gilgalad Necklace and Crown from Bliensen & MaiTai.  I am actually wearing the matching earrings, but they are hidden under my Darienne hair from Wasabi Pills.

And check out these awesome eyes from De La Soul.  These are the Realism Eyes and I am wearing the Magical pair.  Stunning.

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