Arya kept asking me to do this post because she was busy, but then as I was beginning to sort it she kept IMing me to see how I was going.  I told her she had "FOMO" and then had to tell her what FOMO meant.  It is "fear of missing out".  Either that or she just plain doesn't trust me at all.

I am about to post this so hope is ok.  She can do her magic editing things and hopefully it will turn out all right.

These items are from the Fantasy Faire 2014.  My skin is from Niekra's Dreams and is called the Hope Skin Dark Violet.

The tattoo which I am loving on this skin is from Folly and is the Damask Light Tattoo. Works for boys and girls which is excellent.

This outfit is from [Gauze].  It is the Fenrir Armor Set and comes with the vest, pants, gloves, bracers, pauldrons (not shown) and boots.

These Treasures Elf Ears which I didn't tint very well are from Curious Kitties.  I do like them though and the piercings are pretty badass.

Hair is from the depths of my inventory and is Ford from KMadd. Shape is from {HoStyle Shapes} and is called Noah.

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