Forest Waif


I do not want the Fantasy Faire 2014 to end because I still have so much to show and so little time.  So I am going to cut the chat today and get on with the showing of the photos.  I need 50 hours in the day!

Still have other things to blog and my BOSL mag article to do.  I am off to scream now...

Outfit:  Fantavatar and Moonstruck - Findis

Hair and Horns:  La Noir Soleil Designs - Aelykx Hair and Aelykx Horns
Headress:  ~Mystic Sky~ - Golden Rose Headdress
Eyes:  La Noir Soleil Designs - Mandala Fields

Sim:  Garden of Dreams

Non-FF Items:

Skin:  Panda Punx - Evangeline {4 My Heart} - Peach Skin (Boobs, Butts and Beyond)
Necklace:  22769 - Dragon Egg Necklace - Copper

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