Hey, Boys

Hey, boys, the Men Only Hunt is back.  In fact this one is MOH4.  About time there was something for the gents!  I do feel sorry for them when the bulk of events and hunts are filled with stuff for the girls.  Not really fair.

So, Ty got dragged out again to model some of the items he got.  He was proud to have completed the hunt in one evening.  Apparently there was a couple of tricky ones but the group was helpful and he got there in the end.  Kudos.  This is where you can find the SLurls and hunt hints:  HERE.

The outfit is a goodie and comes from twenty13 (#34).  You get the Cohen tee and shorts, and the Carbon sneakers at one stop!  Yuss!

The Anchor bracelet is from Etham (#39) and I promise I will do a close-up in the next post I do with Ty.  I forgot...

The hat is from Bad Unicorn (#36) and is called the "Sainte Lucia" Fifty-3 Snapback. Big name for a cool lid.  It goes well with the funky ear piercing from luxe. (#30).  It is aptly named the Snake Taper and Ty is wearing the black one.  It also comes in gold.


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