The Collage - June July


The next round of The Collage is rapidly approaching and yet again there are some fabulous new items to have you reaching for your wallet and rearranging your living spaces!

Today I have some gorgeous outdoor items from Thaino and Shutter Field, but you can see all of the items up for sale from the 23rd!  Don't try and sneak in before!

This fab Tara outdoor furniture is from Thaino Designs and I am showing you the bench, lounger with footstool, comfy chair, plant pots and the white flower tree.  Each item is sold separately so you can grab the bits you want, although I would recommend the whole lot!

Shutter Field is making a name for itself with creative furniture and accessories to suit your outdoor needs.  These items will not disappoint!  The Summer Patio Set comes with this corner patio, variety of stools, barrel planter and urn planter with tree.  The is also an amazing shelf that I just couldn't fit in the photo, but will try and sneak in with some other items!

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