Armed and Dangerous

I had fun doing these shots today and even more fun editing them and giving them a slightly Hi-Def look.  I am sorry I am showing you 5 of them.  I just couldn't narrow it down even further...yes, there were more.

Top:  Ducknipple - Ernie Leggings (New Release)

Top:  Ducknipple - Poppy (New Release)

Tattoo:  Fallen Doll - Wolf Scratches (from my inventory)
Hair:  Tameless - Remi (Hair Fair)
Makeup:  Dulce Secrets - Ruby Lips and Lyrical Black Eyeshadow (Hottie Cotterati's Rhapsody Event)
Eyes:  Foresight - Bionic Eyes - Galactic (The Co-op Nexus Event)
Necklace and Bracelet:  La Noir Soleil Designs - Crux Set - Red (The Co-op Nexus Event)

Leg Holsters:  Section 5 - RAFS - S5U (from my inventory)


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