Coming Up Roses

Not sure about the name of today's post since it has nothing to do with roses except the pinkness of it all.  Still, it was late last night when I did the photos and my brain wasn't quite functioning to the best of its ability.

I have a bouquet (still trying to get the roses thing working) of goodies for you today and I will start with this jewellery from LaNoir Soleil from The Co-op Nexus Event.  The Crux set comes in pink (like I am wearing), blue, green and red.  It comes with the circlet, earrings, necklace and bracelet.  Super stunning.

This Darla dress is from Leri Miles Designs and is the offering for the 60L weekend.  I am wearing the bubblegum colour, but there are loads of other bright and fun colours if you are not a pink kinda girl.

My hair is from my inventory and is Hanako from Wasabi Pills.  One of my favs.

I probably didn't need this next photo, because the first one showed off the jewellery, but this one gives you a closer look and it is too nice not to show off.  It also shows off my fav eyes from Poetic Colors called Rain Tree.

It also shows off my fav skin from Panda Punx called Mychal and it is called Flower Queen.  Perhaps those flowers are roses...(grasping at straws now).

And these new shoes from Ducknipple were just too cool to not get their own close-up.  They are called Didi and are made to go with Slink High Feet.  How great are they?


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