One lesson I have learned in SL is to always make time to dance.  I forget this sometimes and my best SL buddy, Kav, has to drag me off to a club (sometimes she threatens me with a club).  I always have a great time and I need to just stop and have fun more often.

So, it was fun to combine a bit of dancing with some blogging to get these photos done today.  I am showing off these fabulous items from [CIRCA] that will turn your dance area into a summer party!

I am combining that with some clothing, a shape/skin and a fab hair.  My top is the Axel Jacket from Ducknipple and is a new release.  It doesn't come with the tank underneath, but I didn't have any pasties and you will need them with this sexy jacket!  The skirt is also from Ducknipple and is called Roosje.

The hair is currently at the Hair Fair and is from ChiChickie.  It is called Kasandra and is super cute.  The shape and skin are from Panda Punx and you are a prize in the Passion4Red Hunt.  The lips are normally redder but I threw an orange gloss on to go with the colour theme.

Check out the awesome Disco Tech Dance Ball and Hanging Records.

You will also be the host with the most when you serve your guests drinks from this fab Disco Tech Bar Room Set.  It comes with the bar, 3 bar stools, pendant light, palm tree planters and display props.  WOW!

You can also see the cool Groovy Glam Portal Wall Seat in the background.  It has loads of poses for boys and girls so great for funkying up a space.

The martini glasses are also from [CIRCA] and are from the Epicure Summer range of items.

This fun Disco Tech Dance Floor is in the Sunset colours but also comes in a Rainbow version if you want a more traditional disco look.  The panels light up when you stand on the them and you also get the disco ball from photo one when you purchase the floors.

These awesome shoes are also a Ducknipple item and are called Judith Wedges.  As with all Ducknipple items they come with a HUD so you can make them whatever colour you are wearing that day.  Brilliant.

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