Getting Ready


I am quite quick at getting ready in the morning, especially if I am lured out with the promise of coffee.  I just shower, throw on some clean clothes, comb my hair and head out the door.  Can even go from bed to getting in car in ten minutes if there is coffee AND bacon.

However, sometimes when there is something special on I do take a bit more time and energy.  That is when I wish I had a lovely vanity like the one I am going to show you today.

This gorgeous vanity and stool are from {what next} and come with all the makeup accessories you can see.  It has static and animated poses and I love how the accessories for the poses, such as blusher, mascara etc are all part of the pose.  No searching for bits in a folder etc.  Easy.  The stool and vanity are also texture change with the touch of a button.  So simple.  You will find these at the new round of The Garden.

I threw in the drawer shelves to glam up the room a bit and they are also from {what next} as are the books.  The bag you will see in photo 4 and the doll My Best Dolle from !! Follow Us !!.

My skin is from Panda Punx and I am in love with it.  So soft and lovely.  It is called Neri and is in the Lubbly Jubblies event.

This cute Loren dress if from Leri Miles Designs and comes in cool colours with names like Tiramisu and Whimsical.  The colour I am wearing is called Neopolitan.  These will be at My Attic @ The Deck on the 21st when it opens.

My hair is from Amacci and is another Hair Fair newbie.  It is called Zoe and is just lovely.  Perfect for wearing with casual or formal wear.  Versatile.

This super cute bag is from MooH!.  It is aptly called the Cute Bag Pink Bear and also comes in other animal designs including a cow, cat, panda and pig.  These were at the Rhapsody Event but I am sure you will be able to find them at the mainstore.

Lastly my shoes are from Ducknipple and are called the Jose Wedges.  They are a recent release and come with the cool HUD so you can change the colour to suit your day.

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