Ice Cold


Do you know how hard it is to find a snow scene in the middle of a Northern Hemisphere summer? I will tell you it is blimen hard.  Took me a while to find somewhere to do some icy cold looking photos.  Still, we got there in the end and that is all that matters.  I think the effort was worth it to show off this lovely gown, skin, hair and jewellery.

The gown is from [[Masoom]] and is in the Month of Games event.  You will find this Princess Frostine Dress in the Candyland area.  It definitely makes me feel like a princess!  Go to the [[Masoom]] Mainstore and follow the direct links from there.

This cute pixie-looking hair is from Amacci and is actually one for the boys.  It is called Marco and, as you can see, it works great on a girl too.  This is one of the lovely new releases at Amacci @ The Hair Fair.

I have shown this ZURI Rayna Vintage Bliss set before but it seemed right to wear it with this gown and show it off again.

It also looks great against this Morganne {Void} Milk Skin from Panda Punx.  This pale stunner is at the current round of Feeb's Rascals Street Sales Room.  Love the blue lips!

My eyes are the Amacci Look Eyes and I am wearing the Shock Blue ones.  They are gorgeous.

The wings and ears I am wearing to finish the look are both from my inventory with the wings being from Simply Fae and the ears from Gauged.

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