Beachy Keen


The Co-op has a new round starting on the 8th of August and the theme is Bondi Beach (BB).  They have done an amazing job of the venue so make sure you go and check out the fab beach and snap up some beachy items while you are there.

More to come from this event...

Bikini:  *Bubblefish* - Splash Bikini (BB)
Ring:  .ginchi - Kiss the Rings - Silver (BB)

Hair:  Truth Hair - Malibu (Uber)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Neri (Recent Release)

Lounger:  Frogstar - Seaside Lounger - Lilac Stripes (BB)
Cover Up:  *Citrus - Womens Beach Cover Up - White (Aloha Fair)
Shoes:  Leri Miles Designs - Beach Wedges - Cotton (from my inventory)

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